Houston Chronicle: Rep. Dan Crenshaw vs. Sima Ladjevardian is the most expensive race for Congress in Texas

Sima Ladjevardian Votes Early, Talks Turnout with BBC World News

Judge Lina Hidalgo Endorses Sima Ladjevardian for Congress

Dan Crenshaw Fact Checks Dan Crenshaw’s Energy Ad

Sima Ladjevardian and Family to Vote In-Person this Friday, 10/16

Sima Ladjevardian, Houston Democrats Slated to Welcome Dr. Jill Biden to Houston

Major Texas Unions Endorsing Sima Ladjevardian

Dan Crenshaw and Sima Ladjevardian Go Toe-to-Toe in Leaked Footage from Houston Chronicle Ed Board

“The Sima Scoop” Campaign Updates"

Dan Crenshaw Headlines Another Potential Superspreader Event and Multiple Fundraisers, Bolsters Poor COVID-19 Reputation

Sima Ladjevardian Raises More Than $1.5 Million in Q3

Sima Ladjevardian Endorsed by Mayor Sylvester Turner, Stacey Abrams, Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and More

Houston Chronicle: ‘Democrat Sima Ladjevardian Slams Houston Rep. Dan Crenshaw Over COVID Response’

Sima Ladjevardian Speaks Out Against Texas Voter Suppression

The Intercept: Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s Coronavirus Rhetoric Has Put His Seat At Risk

Sima Ladjevardian Releases New TV Ad Blasting Dan Crenshaw’s COVID-19 Record

Sima Ladjevardian Profiled in OutSmart Magazine

Sima Ladjevardian’s Race for TX-02 Featured in The Hill

League of Conservation Voters Action Fund Endorses Sima Ladjevardian for TX-02

Crenshaw Unhinged: Texas Tribune Fact-Checks Dan as he Angrily Doubles Down on Debunked Voter Fraud Conspiracies

Sima Ladjevardian Launches First TV Ad, Digital Ads

All Talk, No Truth: Fact Checking Dan Crenshaw’s New ‘Health Care’ Ad

Sima Ladjevardian to Speak About Accountability in Politics with Congresswoman Katie Porter and End Citizens United

Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Sima Ladjevardian for TX-02

“The Sima Scoop” Campaign Updates"

Sima Ladjevardian and One of the 100 Houston Doctors Hold Dan Crenshaw Accountable on Houston Public Media

Sima Ladjevardian and Julián Castro Host Weekend of Action

Sima Ladjevardian on KPRC2 Houston Newsmakers

Sima Ladjevardian organizará un debate con la Federación Estadounidense de Maestros de Texas

Brady Campaign Endorses Sima Ladjevardian to Flip TX-02

Sima Ladjevardian to Host Discussion with Texas American Federation of Teachers

Sima Ladjevardian Raises $100K+ in 24 Hours Since Crenshaw’s RNC Speech

Crenshaw Exposed, Duckworth Takes the High Road, Ladjevardian Steals the Show

Sima Ladjevardian Slams Dan Crenshaw ahead of his RNC Speech

Ladjevardian Campaign Statement on Crenshaw’s RNC Speech

Washington Post on TX-02: ‘An Iranian-born progressive unseating a Trumpist veteran in Texas? It could happen.’

On Anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and Eve of Hurricane Laura, Sima Ladjevardian Sends Message to Houston Community

Sima Ladjevardian in Vogue: The Female Candidates Who May Turn Texas Blue This November

KEY VOTE ALERT: Dan Crenshaw Votes Against Bipartisan Fix for USPS, Places Veterans, Small Businesses At Risk

Sima Ladjevardian to Speak with Latino Church Congregations, Join in PPE Giveaway

Sima Ladjevardian Condemns Crenshaw’s Reckless Lawsuit to Dismantle Health Care

Sima Ladjevardian Hosts Virtual Conversation with Bun B, Officially Endorsed By Legendary Houston Rapper

ASPIRE PAC Endorses Sima Ladjevardian to Flip TX-02

Crenshaw Pockets $125,000 Book Advance While Houston Struggles

Sima Ladjevardian Hosts Virtual Town Hall with Rep. Sylvia Garcia

NewDem Action Fund Endorses Sima Ladjevardian to Flip TX-02

Sima Ladjevardian to Host Virtual Town Hall with Rep. Sylvia Garcia

RATINGS CHANGE: Inside Elections Shift TX-02 Toward Sima

Texas Tribune Highlights Ladjevardian’s Prolific Fundraising, Crenshaw’s Questionable Mailer

Brady PAC Endorses Sima Ladjevardian to Flip TX-02



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