Sima Ladjevardian Releases New TV Ad Blasting Dan Crenshaw’s COVID-19 Record

September 29, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas -- Today, Sima Ladjevardian released her second TV ad in the race for TX-02: “Doctors.” The ad features Houston-area doctors speaking out against Congressman Dan Crenshaw, his dangerous COVID-19 disinformation, and his broken promise on lowering drug costs.

The ad features four area physicians, including one of the 100+ Houston doctors who begged Dan Crenshaw to stop lying as Texas’ death toll soared in July. The ad also slams Crenshaw for breaking his promise to give Medicare negotiating power to lower prescription drug prices.

“Doctors” begins airing today on Houston broadcast and cable as part of the Ladjevardian campaign’s seven-figure TV ad buy.



Dan Crenshaw: Do masks help protect you against the coronavirus? The answer: No. They don’t.

Dr. Nguyen: It makes me angry when I see elected officials spread lies.

Dr. Pandya: It makes me very angry.

Dr. Peccora: This leads to harm.

Dr. Ubesie: He’s playing politics with people’s lives.

VO: Dan Crenshaw’s lies started before the pandemic, when he broke his promise and voted against a plan to lower the cost of prescriptions.

Dr. Pandya: As a doctor

Dr. Peccora: As a physician

Dr. Ubesie: As a surgeon, this is totally unacceptable.

Dr. Pandya: Dan Crenshaw is not the leader that we need right now.

Sima: I’m Sima Ladjevardian and I approve this message.

The ad’s first clip shows the start of Dan Crenshaw’s COVID-19 disinformation. The congressman claims he was echoing the guidance at the time from U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, but unfortunately his lies about the virus continued for months on end.

In case you missed it:


On April 22, Dan Crenshaw said Judge Hidalgo’s mask measure was “draconian” and would lead to “unjust government tyranny.”


On May 21, Dan Crenshaw said the public does not need to follow Judge Hidalgo’s mask orders, chastising her “immaturity” before claiming the virus “is not that bad and it never was,” and “our hospitals were never at risk of being overrun.”

On May 27, Dan Crenshaw said There is no guaranteed consequence with not wearing a mask….it’s not clear the mask would help.” He also questioned “whether the entire strategy of social distancing works,” expressed skepticism about “increasing amounts of tests,” disregarded asymptomatic COVID-19 transmission, and praised the “anecdotal evidence” for using hydroxychloroquine — which was recently revoked by the FDA for emergency COVID-19 treatment.


On June 11, Dan Crenshaw said “We saved our hospital systems — they weren’t even close to being overwhelmed,” and “we wrongfully thought what happened in New York City could happen across the country.” On the same day, he claimed Judge Hidalgo’s emergency response to skyrocketing COVID-19 cases was an “irresponsible overreaction,” calling it “pure and simple fear mongering,” and assuring Houston has “enormous hospital capacity.” The following month, the New York Times set the record straight: “As Coronavirus Slams Houston Hospitals, It’s Like New York ‘All Over Again’”

On June 12, Dan Crenshaw said the virus is not going to get transmitted...really I’m not even sure what public spaces it might get transmitted in” and “ seems obvious that mass gatherings should be limited. One week later, Crenshaw hosted a maskless meet and greet as his city became the nation’s COVID-19 hotspot.

On June 14, in a conversation with Dr. Scott Atlas, Dan Crenshaw insinuated that mask-wearers were simply “virtue-signaling” rather than protecting each other, contributing to the needless partisanship that has defined what should have been common-sense public health guidance.

On June 20 and June 21, Crenshaw attended two maskless meet and greets, including one packed-house event with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, another coronavirus skeptic.


In July, when Texas lost 5,801 lives, Dan Crenshaw conveniently stopped using the previously-low death toll to justify his COVID-19 disinformation. We lost more Texans this month than March, April, May, and June combined, but the facts no longer fit Crenshaw’s political narrative. He moved on to bragging about the hospitalization rate and patting himself on the back for handing out masks that he could not be bothered to wear himself.

On July 17, a bipartisan group of 100+ Houston doctors begged Dan Crenshaw to stop spreading COVID-19 disinformation. "We implore you to stop playing politics, stop spreading dangerous disinformation, and start leading by example," the letter said.


By August, the Congressman was back to headlining packed, maskless campaign fundraisers like this one in Travis County on August 21, which the article claims is under investigation by the state of Texas for violating the governor’s mask mandates.


On September 1, the Texas Tribune featured Crenshaw and his COVID-19 disinformation noting that “Crenshaw has been...accusing Democrats and the media of exaggerating its impact. And like other Texas Republicans, he has not always worn a mask in settings where they are advised — or required under Gov. Greg Abbott's statewide mask order.”

On September 10, Crenshaw defended Trump’s very good” intentions for downplaying the COVID-19 virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans.

And on September 13, Crenshaw attempted to twist the truth on COVID-19’s enormous death toll in this interview with KPRC2’s Khambrel Marshall. He claims “if you take New York City out of the mix, we actually have some of the best performance,” “it’s really only in a small area of the country, which is the northeast that we actually performed badly,” and “you look at Texas per capita death rates, we outperformed just about most other countries.”


Sima Ladjevardian (SEE-ma LAHJ-ee-VAR-DEE-un) is a lawyer, a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and a political activist who has called Houston home for more than 30 years. After fleeing the political upheaval of the Iranian Revolution, her family immigrated to the United States for their shot at the American Dream. Eventually settling in Houston, Sima has become a local leader in cross-cultural dialogue, bringing Texans of all backgrounds and faiths together for social justice. As an activist, she has worked tirelessly to turn Texas blue and elect candidates up and down the ballot — all while serving senior roles in Beto O’Rourke's senate and presidential campaigns. She has been recognized by the University of Houston for her tireless philanthropic and nonprofit work in the community, and she is fueled by the desire to fight for quality, affordable health care, justice, and unity in the United States Congress.

Sima has been added to DCCC’s Red to Blue Program and endorsed by EMILY’s List, Congressional Black Caucus PAC, BOLD PAC, End Citizens United, Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO, AAPI Victory Fund, AAA Fund, Emgage PAC, Giffords PAC, Brady PAC, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Human Rights Campaign, NewDems Action Fund, Texas American Federation of Teachers, Foreign Policy for America, ASPIRE PAC, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former US Senate/presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, former Sec. of HUD/presidential candidate Julían Castro, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, and Congresswoman Katie Porter.

Sima Ladjevardian Releases New TV Ad Blasting Dan Crenshaw’s COVID-19 Record