Nervous Crenshaw Attacks Sima Ladjevardian with Negative Mailer

July 27, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas -- Over the weekend, Congressman Dan Crenshaw raised eyebrows by clumsily sending a negative mail piece across Texas’ 2nd Congressional District doubling down on his COVID-19 lies and attacking his noticeably unnamed “Democrat opponent,” Sima Ladjevardian.

Crenshaw has spent the last five months establishing himself as the nation’s foremost coronavirus skeptic. Faced with increased scrutiny on his irresponsible remarks led by Ladjevardian, the Crenshaw campaign has now responded by sending a mailer straight to Ladjevardian’s home. Unfortunately for Dan, she came ready to dismantle him with his own wordsagain.

The strategically-questionable mailer is an unusual defensive investment for an incumbent more than 100 days out from the November election:

Ladjevardian dismantled Crenshaw’s embarrassing mailer in the following Twitter thread:

Hey Dan Crenshaw: While we're at it, let's fact check your "fact check." *Cracks knuckles*

Lie 1: Dan claims he never downplayed our hospitals being overwhelmed.

On June 11, he said “We saved our hospital systems — they weren’t even close to being overwhelmed,” and “we wrongfully thought what happened in NYC could happen across the country.” He was wrong. On the same day, he claimed Judge Lina Hidalgo’s emergency response to skyrocketing COVID-19 cases was an “irresponsible overstatement,” calling it “pure and simple fear mongering,” and assuring Houston has “enormous hospital capacity.”

Lie 2: Dan claims he never insinuated masks don't work, and wants you to believe that he handled it just like Dr. Fauci.

On March 7, his quote was "Do masks help protect you from coronavirus? Answer: No they don't...they're not effective at keeping out the virus." And on June 14, Dan Crenshaw doubled down — insinuating mask-wearers were simply “virtue-signaling” rather than protecting each other, contributing to the needless partisanship and disinformation that has defined this tragic public health crisis.

Lie 3: Dan claims he never deceived you on the COVID-19 case count in Houston, arguing that the June 20 report was misleading because by then "cases were much higher."

That's funny Dan...if you knew cases were higher, why did you host a MASKLESS MEET AND GREET on June 19? On June 20 — the VERY SAME DAY he admits "cases were much higher" — he attended ANOTHER maskless campaign event alongside Dan Patrick — PACKED with elderly Houstonians.

It's one thing for an elected official to be wrong and admit their mistakes — but it seems Dan Crenshaw is not capable of that. Too bad he's messing with the wrong woman with the right receipts. Next time you try to rewrite history, say my name.

Also, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just listen to Houston’s health care heroes. I’m in this fight for the well-being of every doctor, nurse, and family in our district. And I won’t stop until you have the representation you deserve.

• • •

Sima Ladjevardian (SEE-ma LAHJ-ee-VAR-DEE-un) is a lawyer, a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and a political activist who has called Houston home for more than 30 years. After fleeing the political upheaval of the Iranian Revolution, her family immigrated to the United States for their shot at the American Dream. Eventually settling in Houston, Sima has become a local leader in cross-cultural dialogue, bringing Texans of all backgrounds and faiths together for social justice. As an activist, she has worked tirelessly to turn Texas blue and elect candidates up and down the ballot — all while serving senior roles in Beto O’Rourke's senate and presidential campaigns. She has been recognized by the University of Houston for her tireless philanthropic and nonprofit work in the community, and she is fueled by the desire to fight for quality, affordable health care, justice, and unity in the United States Congress.

Sima has been added to DCCC’s Red to Blue Program and endorsed by EMILY’s List, Congressional Black Caucus PAC, BOLD PAC, End Citizens United, Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO, AAPI Victory Fund, AAA Fund, Emgage PAC, Giffords PAC, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former US Senate/presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, former Sec. of HUD/presidential candidate Julian Castro, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, and Congresswoman Katie Porter.

Nervous Crenshaw Attacks Sima Ladjevardian with Negative Mailer