“The Sima Scoop” Campaign Updates"

October 5, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas -- With only 29 days until Election Day, it’s full-speed-ahead for TX-02 Democratic nominee Sima Ladjevardian. While Congressman Dan Crenshaw still refuses to acknowledge his role in spreading COVID-19 disinformation, Sima Ladjevardian is holding his feet to the fire, engaging volunteers across the district, and sharing her vision with voters.


“Ladjevardian tells The Intercept her campaign felt this was the right ad to create because having someone like Crenshaw who has ‘undermined’ doctors’ authority and ‘put them even more at risk and not listened to them when they begged, is very personal to me.’ Ladjevardian wanted to demonstrate she ‘respect[s] these doctors’ and that ‘they are our real heroes.’”


On September 29, Sima’s stinging new ad, “Doctors,” launched on cable, broadcast, and digital. The ad features Houston-area doctors speaking out against Congressman Dan Crenshaw, his dangerous COVID-19 disinformation, and his broken promise on lowering drug costs.


After a harrowing clip in which Crenshaw incorrectly asserts that masks do not save lives, Houston doctors express their frustrations with Crenshaw's dangerous disinformation campaign. “He’s playing politics with people’s lives,” says Dr. Ubesie. At the end of the ad, Dr. Pandya says it clear as day: “Dan Crenshaw is not the leader that we need right now.”

The clip is far from the only time Crenshaw has shared COVID-19 disinformation. There are several examples from September alone: the Texas Tribune featured Crenshaw and his COVID-19 disinformation noting that “Crenshaw has been...accusing Democrats and the media of exaggerating its impact. And like other Texas Republicans, he has not always worn a mask in settings where they are advised — or required under Gov. Greg Abbott's statewide mask order.” Crenshaw also defended Trump’s “very good” intentions for downplaying the COVID-19 virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans. And on September 13, Crenshaw attempted to twist the truth on COVID-19’s enormous death toll in this interview with KPRC2’s Khambrel Marshall, claiming “if you take New York City out of the mix, we actually have some of the best performance,” “it’s really only in a small area of the country, which is the northeast that we actually performed badly,” and “you look at Texas per capita death rates, we outperformed just about most other countries.”


On October 1, End Citizens United added Dan Crenshaw to their "Big Money 20.”. The group stated, "ECU’s Big Money 20 campaign is focused on defeating incumbents who are rigging the system to benefit themselves, their donors, and the corrupt establishment. The group will show voters how members of Congress, like Dan Crenshaw, benefit from the influence of Big Money." In just two short years in Congress, Crenshaw has accepted over $440,000 in corporate PAC money — including Big Pharma and drug lobby cash. End Citizens United also highlighted the COVID misinformation Crenshaw spread, as well as his work to enable voter suppression and detain more undocumented immigrants.


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  • Sima was profiled in Outsmart magazine, in which she discussed her background, her plans to fix our broken health care system, and the need to defeat Crenshaw at the ballot box.

  • After the closure of numerous ballot boxes in Harris County and across Texas, Sima issued a state condemning the move as a blatant act of voter suppression, stating: "It is unacceptable that a county the size of Rhode Island will only have access to one ballot drop-off location. The governor is blatantly undercutting our elections, suppressing our votes, and standing in the way of our democratic process. Let our voters vote, Governor Abbott. This is absolutely shameful.”

  • Crenshaw called wind and solar energy solutions "silly," even as he presented himself as taking climate change seriously. Ladjevardian, on the other hand, highlighted the 15,000 clean energy jobs in discussed pragmatic solutions to work towards a greener and safer environment, without destroying the natural gas industry

  • On Friday, Sima joined Wendy Davis, TX-21 Democratic nominee, and Chrysta Casteñada, Democratic nominee for Railroad Commissioner, for a virtual conversation with Clean Energy for Biden.

  • And on Saturday, Sima spoke at a joint Mi Familia Vota and SEIU town hall. Her opponent, anti-union Rep. Dan Crenshaw, was invited but did not attend.


  • Today, Sima will interview with Charles Kuffner from the ‘Off the Kuff’ Blog

  • Tomorrow, Sima will also appear on the ‘Back to School with Maz Jobrani’ podcast

  • On Wednesday, Sima will appear on the ‘WISE UP TX’ Podcast

  • This Friday, Sima will speak 1-on-1 live with Abby Livingston from the Texas Tribune


@SimaforTX: “Send me to Washington so I can tweet about who’s responsible instead of doing my job and getting a deal done.” - @DanCrenshawTX, summarized

@SimaforTX: The President of the United States told a white nationalist group to "stand by" while our nation watched in disbelief. This is not the America I know and love.  We are better than this hatred and vitriol. And we're going to show him what we're made of on November 3rd.

@SimaforTX: The GOP’s lawsuit to dismantle ACA in the middle of this pandemic, as millions are out of work and out of care, is unfathomable. Their failure to protect millions of Americans is willful negligence. Keep pushing. 30 days.

@SimaforTX: History will not be kind to these un-American voter suppression attempts. This is an attack on the very foundation of our democracy. Shame on you, @GovAbbott. The only election security you care about is your majority.  Get registered. Make your early vote plan. V O T E.

@SimaforTX: Wishing the President and FLOTUS a speedy recovery. It's clear that this virus is not a hoax, and I hope that now we can drop the partisanship that has defined so much of this crisis. Let's take these safety precautions seriously, look out for one another, and heal our nation.



Sima Ladjevardian (SEE-ma LAHJ-ee-VAR-DEE-un) is a lawyer, a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and a political activist who has called Houston home for more than 30 years. After fleeing the political upheaval of the Iranian Revolution, her family immigrated to the United States for their shot at the American Dream. Eventually settling in Houston, Sima has become a local leader in cross-cultural dialogue, bringing Texans of all backgrounds and faiths together for social justice. As an activist, she has worked tirelessly to turn Texas blue and elect candidates up and down the ballot — all while serving senior roles in Beto O’Rourke's senate and presidential campaigns. She has been recognized by the University of Houston for her tireless philanthropic and nonprofit work in the community, and she is fueled by the desire to fight for quality, affordable health care, justice, and unity in the United States Congress.

Sima has been added to DCCC’s Red to Blue Program and endorsed by EMILY’s List, Congressional Black Caucus PAC, BOLD PAC, End Citizens United, Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO, AAPI Victory Fund, AAA Fund, Emgage PAC, Giffords PAC, Brady PAC, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Human Rights Campaign, NewDems Action Fund, Texas American Federation of Teachers, Foreign Policy for America, ASPIRE PAC, Texas Organizing Project, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former US Senate/presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, former Sec. of HUD/presidential candidate Julían Castro, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, Congresswoman Katie Porter, and Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“The Sima Scoop” Campaign Updates"