We must immediately stop the inhumane treatment of children at the border and end family separations. I oppose expansion of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. It is an expensive, ineffective, and inhumane solution to a challenge that can be better addressed through bilateral solutions with Mexico, enforcement of existing policy, and fully resourcing the overburdened immigration court system to swiftly, fairly, and humanely process asylum claims. 


I believe America should remain a beacon of freedom, and families seeking asylum should not be treated like criminals while they wait to learn a court’s decision on if we will welcome them permanently. 


I support a fair and humane path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants contributing to our economy, our community, and our culture. I support the DREAM Act, and the creation of a path to citizenship for DREAMers, who contribute so much to this beautiful country. And I support a better tomorrow, when we stop criminalizing our differences and start embracing our diversity.