We must immediately stop the inhumane treatment of children and end family separations. I oppose expansion of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. It is an expensive, ineffective, inhumane solution to a challenge that can be better addressed through bilateral solutions with Mexico, enforcement of existing policy, fully funding CBP, fully resourcing the overburdened immigration court system, and long-overdue reform of our immigration policies. I support funding for border security, and I support fully funding our overburdened immigration court system to swiftly, fairly and humanely process asylum claims.


When it comes to people apprehended crossing the border, I support an approach rooted in common sense and not politics – deportation historically has been a civil issue, not a criminal one, to keep our already overburdened criminal court system from being ground to a halt prosecuting people who have committed no crime other than coming to the United States (or overstaying their visa) in search of a better life for themselves and their families. I believe that remains the best approach. There are certainly cases that should be prosecuted in criminal court, but the vast majority of cases have and should continue to be considered in Immigration Court. 


I believe America should remain a beacon of freedom, and families fleeing persecution and extreme danger and seeking asylum should not be treated like criminals while they wait to learn a court’s decision on if we will welcome them permanently. 


I support a path to citizenship for the people here without permission that is rigorous and reflects the reality that they are here, in most cases for decades with family who are US citizens. Those who are here through the TPS and DED program should have access to an expedited path, and I support the DREAM Act – there should be a path to citizenship for DREAMers who grew up in our communities and have lived as Americans, and had no role in any decision to circumvent our laws to come here.



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