LGBTQ+ persons and their families deserve the same rights and protections when it comes to housing, health care decisions and in the workplace. I support federal legislation to achieve these protections because too many state legislatures, including the Republican-controlled Texas legislature, are hard at work to pass discriminatory laws meant to deny equal rights and protections to gay and transgender Americans.


Efforts like the proposed “bathroom bill” in Texas are hurtful, harmful, do not represent Texas values, and as we have seen in other states, can result in damage to our local economy. And there are many more urgent priorities for all Texans and Americans than who is using which toilet.


I support the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision aggressively enforcing non-discrimination in the workplace. I support increasing access to capital for marginalized communities, protecting transgender individuals from violence, particularly trans women of color who suffer alarming levels of discrimination. 


I support enacting the Every Child Deserves a Family Act to prevent taxpayer-funded child welfare agencies from discriminating against prospective adoptive or foster parents based on sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, sex or religion. And to prevent discrimination against LGBTQ+ foster youth.



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