Flood Recovery and Resiliency


Too many families and businesses are suffering trying to rebuild from flooding while at the same time working to prevent the next flood. In the Northeast part of the district, sea level rise poses a particularly strong risk and will continue to damage our local economy if gone unchecked.


We need leaders in Congress that will work with state and local leaders and invest in flood prevention to not only rebuild our communities that have been impacted by flooding, but also build them stronger and safer to protect them from future floods. 


I believe that in this city of determination and innovation, we can be leaders. Solutions cannot and will not come from government alone; I support public-private collaboration to reduce emissions, and build effective resilience and mitigation approaches to protect our city from sea-level rise.


I will fight to improve existing infrastructure, including the Addicks and Barker reservoirs, which were described as at an “extremely high risk of catastrophic failure” by the Army Corpse of Engineers more than a decade ago, and accelerated completion of Project Brays – we can’t wait any longer for protection of Texas Medical Center and everyone along Brays Bayou.   


Robust Energy Options


The oil and gas industries are integral to Houston’s history and economy, and will be an important part of any path forward to a clean energy future. 


I believe natural gas is an important part of a transition to a cleaner energy marketplace. I support strong regulations on fracking to prevent methane leaks and leaching of dangerous chemicals into our public water supplies.


I support creating a level playing field for renewable energy, including wind energy where Texas is already a leader. The growth of the clean energy marketplace has proven benefits for our economy, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. 


Wind Energy Jobs


Texas is the largest producer of wind energy in the country, and the sector is poised for even more growth – a win for clean air for us to breathe, clean water for us to drink and enjoy, and and a win for Houston’s economy and workers. Renewable energy will provide more job growth for Texans over the next few years than any sector other than health care – the number of wind turbine jobs alone will double by 2026.



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