Sima ran for Congress in Texas’ 2nd District to bring people together and solve the biggest problems facing our community and our country. She is a lawyer, a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and a political activist helping uplift social justice causes and build bridges between communities.


After fleeing political upheaval and revolution, Sima’s family arrived in the United States and, through her journey as an immigrant, she saw first-hand the power and promise that America’s freedom can provide hardworking families.


Working diligently with a purpose to ensure that all Americans were afforded the same opportunities as she was, Sima became a leader in bringing communities together across Houston. As a political activist, she worked to elect candidates up and down the ballot, and because of her political acumen and understanding of the Greater Houston area, she became a Senior Advisor and Finance Chair to Beto O’Rourke during his historic 2018 U.S. Senate race and 2020 presidential run.


Sima’s tireless philanthropic and nonprofit work has been recognized by the University of Houston and fuels her desire to further serve her community in Congress.


Sima ran for Congress because our families deserved a leader who would fight to expand access to affordable health care, support Houston’s economic recovery after COVID-19, respect women’s choices, and take real action on gun violence and climate change. She has the courage to reject the politics of fear and division, and she believes that at this critical moment in our country’s history, we can’t just stay silent. Sima will continue to to speak up, build bridges, and help our community defy the odds.